African Development Media Network

African Development Media Network is a voice of, by and about Africa - connecting and distributing quality, reliable news and analysis from African (or local) journalists, nonprofit organizations, and firms working in the field to an African as well as global public.

We are committed to promoting news stories about development taking into account their context and cultural background. To provide first hand information, we give a voice to the journalist, NGO’s and local entrepreneurs working on development, education and other related issues. 

We give visibility to stories about current economic life, poverty alleviation solutions and African development. We empower local journalists and media by creating a network of trusted persons and organizations and supporting them with job assignments and exposure. We tell you people centered stories and research that would help us to  understand the challenges and opportunities in development from an African perspective. 

News Editor

Dr. Noemi Mena Montes

Journalist and Researcher

Noemi Mena is a Spanish Journalist with a PhD in Political Communication, with over 15 years of experience teaching media, journalism and intercultural communication. She worked as a radio journalist and as a freelance correspondent and research in the Middle East. Nowdays, she is also a public speaker and researcher in topics related to education, development, human rights and migration.

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